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Expert opinions for professional athletes


Unfortunately, cases like the following happen again and again: Athlete’s are given bad advice and their trust is being abused when it comes to financial advice and insurance. This results in investments in products that do not meet the athlete’s requirements and even worse, insurance policies that do not provide the necessary coverage.

But what can athletes do? They need to trust their advisors as they themselves cannot evaluate if they have been given proper advice or not. That’s where we come into play. We are not interested in selling insurance or financial investments but we do know what professional athletes require.

We decided to offer this service because athletes came to us after having suffered a severe injury and after having found out that the insurance company was not paying because of the policy’s small print. We give advice on salary and end of career protection (TTD/PTD Insurance) as well as financial investments for athletes and their relatives but also clubs and athlete’s agents or insurance intermediaries who wish to offer the best products for their clients.

Whether you are thinking about closing a new contract or would like to find out if your current products are suitable for you: We can help you.

Rest assured that you have the proper protection with our expert opinion!

GUTpro is a joint-venture of experts with expertise in several areas and sectors. We provide surveys and professional opinions.

Experts for every area of business

All surveys and expert opinions are given by independent specialists who have many years of experience in their area of business.

We do not sell any products, but evaluate existing products or give advice on how to structure suitable insurance protection and personal investment.

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Ralf Kornmayer

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