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Fee-based advisory for professional athletes

Who benefits from financial investment?

Investment advice from professionals. For all of you having a bad feeling about your current financial products and asking yourselves if it makes sense to keep the current investment or invest in a new product. If you would like to know about hidden costs in your investment and how these influence your investment’s performance in the long run, contact me and my team, and we will check your financial investments and tell you unbiasedly and with no interest to sell you anything if your product suits your requirements. We have long experience, especially in advising professional athletes.

What is your benefit?

You will find out…

  • if your current investment product suits your needs
  • what costs are involved and how these affect the yield
  • if there are opportunities for you to optimize your yield
  • how you can reduce the costs involved in the products

You will receive a completely independent opinion without any interest to sell you a product. I will charge you a small one-off fee for my service and that’s all.

Financial investment

Ralf Kornmayer

For more than 20 years, Ralf Kornmayer, who is a certified financial specialist (Finanzfachwirt FH), has been working in the financial industry and has said goodbye to the commission-based sale of financial productsyears ago. Ralf works under the supervision of the Federal Institute for Financial Services Supervision (BaFin). Due to his competence and expertise and his large network in professional sports, he is an expert for the independent evaluation of financial products.

Ask for an expert opinion

We offer transparency. Starting at only 149.00 EUR we analyze your financial investment products and provide you with clear recommendations and advice.

Call Ralf Kornmayer

Please click here to call Ralf Kornmayer at the office (+49 6721 / 7979015).

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