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Insurance advice for professional athletes

High premiums, poor scope of coverage!

High premiums, poor scope of coverage, surprising wordings, missing compliance with local law. This list could be extended further. Many athletes, athletes’ advisors and even insurance intermediaries often do not know how good or bad the insurance policies the athlete has are. That is because professional sport insurance does not work like other insurance. The industry is dominated by the UK market and many policy forms have not been adopted to the local market or are old forms with limited coverage. Wordings are often in English language and people who are not used to English legal terms and the structure of the policies do not understand all relevant parts.

Most people just compare sums insured and premiums. Only when a claim occurs and the insurer does not pay, the athlete realizes why the policy was so cheap. Furthermore, the athlete or agent has to respond to letters written by English lawyers in English which is hardly possible.

Legal suits against insurance companies refusing to pay are increasing as people would not accept to get no money in case of a claim but many cases are hopeless as the policies are so bad that insurers do not need to pay.

We offer transparency and advice. We know all relevant insurance wordings and market prices concerning private health, TTD and PTD policies (salary protection and end-of-career insurance).

What’s your benefit?

  • You will get a report and evaluation about all your policies
  • We demonstrate where your policy has gaps and does not provide cover
  • We give you advice on how your policy should look like and how much it should cost
  • We support you in case your insurer does not pay a claim


Oliver Beyersdorffer

Oliver Beyersdorffer was born in 1964 and is an approved Insurance Expert (BWV) (Versicherungsfachmann BWV). He has 33 years of experience in private health insurance and has worked as broker specialized on health insurers. Today, he is an expert for advising professional athletes regarding their health insurance protection.

He developed a special tool to assist people to change the insurer easily in case the current policy does not provide the desired scope of coverage.

Ask for an expert opinion

We offer transparency. Starting at only 149.00 EUR we analyze your accident and health insurance policies and provide you with clear recommendations and advice.

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